Leading UK entrepreneur Mark Pearson has given investment to Mindwork Labs to develop a marketing platform and a global deals website, MyDeals.com

MyDeals.com Will Offer Relevant Discounts Worldwide That’s Targeted

A personal experience is what we want for the users of our site. We know what we need to reach that point and since Marks working with us we are sure we will reach that point.

Leading UK entrepreneur Mark Pearson has given an investment of £500,000 to Mindwork Labs. This is to develop a marketing platforms and a global deals website. For an undisclosed amount from Marchex Inc. the company that acquired the domain MyDeals.com.

With a portfolio of deal websites in the UK, Europe and the U.S.,Pearson has made a name for himself. He’s invested so the company has the capital for its newest project.

Pearson reunites with Tom Packer – Founder and CEO of Mindwork Labs in a partnership. They both worked for several years on the UK’s number one website and mobile app for discounts, deals, and vouchers, called MyVoucherCodes.co.uk. They hope to have similar success with MyDeals.

In June 2012 MyDeals.com soft launched in a basic format and the team working on it will take it further by providing a technical approach to providing deals that are relevant.

Customers get tired of having their inboxes full of deals that they don’t want. MyDeals.com gives members control over the deals they see and what notifications they see. They will also find out which offers are the best for them.

The site will know the members geographic location along with the region and the city to come at a later time. The users will be able to take advantage of deals without going to different websites.

There will be a highly transparent privacy policy on the website. This will allow members to decide what information of a personal nature that want stored on the site.

Packer said, “We realised that too many websites treat everyone the same, but in reality everyone has different needs. We’re building MyDeals with that in mind. They want the user to have a very personal experience eon the site and with the backing of Pearson they can bring that to a reality.”

The future plans of Mindwork Labs aren’t known but they say that the MyDeals website is just the very start. They state that the site won’t just be another one of the 1000s of deal sites out there.

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