US tech startup Physical Graph Corporation has successfully launched SmartThings – a crowdfunding project that can make your world smarter – literally.

The Minneapolis-based startup is composed to create great products that mainly focus on enabling things in the physical world to do whatever you wish them to do remotely via your mobile devices.

What is SmartThings?

Physical Graph’s SmartThings is a realization of the founders’ vision: Via the currently available apps – or you can just create your own apps – you can interact with SmartThings and tell the smart device to do almost whatever you want to spice up your daily life – seamlessly.

Want to control lighting of you home? There’s an app for that: You can set timer to your home lighting – when it should turned on or off; heck, you can even let SmartThings decide when to turn on/off lights on a particular room (randomly) – pretty useful for those of you who want to go out on a vacation and want you home “alive” as if someone is at home while you are away.

Want to know who is coming in or coming out through a door? Just put a sensor to that door and let SmartThings notify you via your mobile device about everything.

Want to set your garden sprinklers on/off based on the current weather’s condition? There’s an app for that called Weather Watcher SmartApp.

Every customization possibilities are made available in the SmartThings Store. Just let your imagination loose and create useful things that make your life easier – or simply do so for fun.

The bottom line, SmartThings turn your home into smart home via automation – just like Bill Gate’s home, but at a much lower cost!

Let’s talk business

Physical Graph’s product is in demand: SmartThings raked just a bit over US$1.2 million in funding via Kickstarter – way beyond the initial goal of $250K. More than 5,600 fund SmartThings to kickstart the production – distribution of products will commence on December 2012.

As it’s able to work with almost anything you can think of, the partnership potential is nearly unlimited, such as this partnership with another Kickstarter project, Instacubes.

Meet the founders

Alex Hawkinson (Founder and CEO): Founder and executive of various startups, including SMBLive and Mural Consulting.

Andrew Brooks (Founder and COO): Founder and executive of various stasrtups.

Jeff Hagins (Founder and CTO): A veteran technology executive with strong business skills – he has 30 years of experience under his belt.

Ben Edwards (Founder): Designer and entrepreneur – he have started several for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Jesse O’Neill-Oine (Founder): SmartThings developer.

James Stolp (Founder): Proven entrepreneur, executive and leader with 15 years of experience in creating compelling customer experience.

Scott Vlaminck (Founder): SmartThings developer; also the founder of Refactr LLC.

Contact information

Physical Graph Corporation
Head office: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Website: – redirect to