Mexican Tech startup Sidengo offers you the ability to build fully functional, well-designed, and mobile-friendly websites without any design and coding skills.

Have you tried to build a website from scratch? Well, if you are a web designer and/or developer, you might have said, “of course – what kinda question is that?” But if you asked non-techie guys who are business owners, professionals, students, and so on – then the answer might be “well, yes – but it doesn’t look to good.”

It was cool designing a website using FrontPage. Not anymore. Developing a website using DreamWeaver? So last season. Using CMS, like Joomla! or WordPress, to build your site upon? It’s cool, but it still needs some tech skills.

Well, if you are someone with the above issues, then your best bet is an app that eliminates manual designing and coding as much as possible, leaving you with point-and-click and drag-and-drop website building.

Is there such thing?

Yes – there are many of them, actually. Weebly. Puzl. The list can go on and on. But many of them fall short in one thing or another; it’s either too complicated or too limited.

Enter Sidengo.

What is Sidengo?

Sidengo looks like yet-another-website-builder. But I suggest you to keep your assumption aside – at least after you read our review!

Like many others offering similar services, Sidengo is a DIY and WYSIWYG website builder – meaning, you can build he website yourself, typically via drag-and-drop motion, allowing you to try things out and see how it goes in real time.

You can practically build a website in minutes… and you can host it with Sidengo, brand it with your own domain name or embed it anywhere you want – your choice.

Of course, working on the layout and design is one thing. How about content? Well, Sidengo helps you create a fully functioning website – you can add content to go with your design; you will get a free hosting for your website, but you can always add a domain name to your website easily.

While many free website builder-slash-hoster are ad-supported, Sidengo is not. Your free account is, well, free for a lifetime. However, if you want to create a pro site (without Sidengo branding,) you should choose the paid plans, starting from $7.5/month.

If you are a company, I suggest you to take the pro plan. But it doesn’t hurt to start from the free plan, as you can easily upgrade your account later.

Some cool features include:

  • Mobile-ready: Sidengo-powered website design is responsive, meaning it will adapt depending on the device it’s accessed from; and you don’t have to lift a finger to enable your website to do so; it’s done for you.
  • Connect to your social media accounts: You can connect to your Facebook and Twitter account from your website easily.
  • Build galleries and upload files: Building image and video galleries is easy; uploading files? Ditto.
  • Integrate with your existing blogs: With RSS feed, you can ‘feed’ your Sidengo-powered website with your blog’s updates. Use it to extend the reach of your main site.
  • Embeddable: Here’s what interesting – not only as a standalone website, your created site can also be embedded on Facebook and practically anywhere you want in the web. Let’s say the site you create is portable, bringing your online presence with you anywhere you want.

The visionaries

Sidengo was co-founded by Gabriel Garza and Jorge González – two Mexican mechanical engineers with a background in finance who wanted to solve a problem that they – and everyone – have: Creating a website without all the complexities and limitations.

Headquartered in Mexico, they started turning their vision into reality in mid-2011, and in early-2012, Sidengo was launched and has already helped thousands of users worldwide.


The competition is fierce, but Sidengo has an upper side vs. the rest: The created site is embeddable. If they can focus on this feature and get the words out on Facebook – one of the places where Sidengo-powered site can be embedded – they can use it as a big leverage for their service – just like anybody else riding on Facebook’s worldwide reach.

Contact Information

Head office: San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, Mexico
Facebook: Sidengo
Twitter: @sidengo