Pebble E-Paper Watch is an ultra-customizable smartwatch created by Pebble Technology. You can download new watchfaces, use apps and get notification with strong connectivity with iPhone and Android smartphones. The startup is gaining in popularity thanks to its successful crowdfunding campaign.

According to Wikipedia, the smartwatch is designed by Eric Migicovsky who successfully getting funds via Y Combinator business incubator program, raised $375,000. VCs are not convinced with Eric’s idea, so he looked to an alternative funding option: Crowdfunding.

Eric then launched a Kickstarter project – the target was $100,000. Then what will changes people’s outlook about crowdfunding forever is this: In 2 hours, the Pebble project reached the goal of $100,000 in just 2 hours time. In just 6 days, the project broke Kickstarter record, generating $4.7 million in funding – and there’s 30 days to go.

At the end of the crowdfunding campaign, Pebble has successfully raised $10,266,846 (yes, that’s a little over $10 million,) along with 68,929 “backers” (those who support the project) – probably the most-funded crowdfunding project of all time.

Why people (and I) think Pebble is cool

It’s simple, really. Pebble answers people’s need for personalization. Pebble E-Paper Watch allows you to customize the watchfaces – and more; just go online, download the pretty watchfaces you want and there you go – a unique watch with your chosen watchfaces.

But that’s only scratching the surface of Pebble; it’s not just a watch with e-paper display; you can connect your pebble with a smartphone, allowing you to get vibrating alerts to incoming calls, emails and text messages.

You can also install apps that suit your need. For instance, cyclists can use Pebble as a computer-on-a-bike, enabling you to access the GPS on your smartphone to display some cycling related data, such as speed, distance and pace. Are you a runner? You can do so, too. Playing golf? Pebble Technology is working on an app that will let your Pebble watch to show the distance to the green (the app will work with 25,000 golf courses worldwide.)

Not stopping there, you can customize how your Pebble should show notifications – you can get notified for Facebook messages, caller IDs, emails, Twitter updates, and so on. As I mentioned above, you can get text messages right from your Pebble.

If you are a developer, Pebble is a smartwatch you can command however you want – then if you want to, you can create a Pebble app and distribute it on Pebble watchapp store.

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