NYC Tech startup JIBE helps companies – large and small – to hire mobile tech-savvy talents via its cloud-based, mobile-ready recruiting solutions.

Cloud computing and mobile technology: A match made in heaven – on almost every account. JIBE knew it all along, and the company is focusing its resources to perfect its SaaS recruiting solutions, capitalizing the mobile recruitment trends.

Indeed, there’s a strong trend in mobile recruitment: As more and more people use mobile devices – and cloud solutions, whether they realize it or not – applying for jobs from their smartphones or tablets is becoming mainstream.

Just take Walmart as an example. As reported by Business Insider, JIBE has successfully signed on Walmart. Walmart has 3,800 job openings and one-third of Walmart’s job board traffic is coming from mobile devices. There’s no way for Walmart to help those mobile job applicants to apply for jobs easily via their mobile devices. This is where JIBE comes in and gives solution to the problem.

How JIBE works?

Let’s use the same Walmart case study; when you apply for a job opening, you’ll be redirected to Walmart-branded, JIBE-hosted site. Job applicants will be presented mobile-friendly page layout with easy signup process. You can also apply for jobs listed on LinkedIn.

You can upload resumes via Google Docs, LinkedIn, email or Dropbox. Talk in languages other than English? You can get foreign language support. And here’s a neat feature: You can get suggestions for job opportunities located nearby your current location (via GPS tracking.)

Of course, you can complete job applications from virtually any devices, including your desktop PC.

If you are an employer, JIBE can help you find and acquire talents on mobile and web. You can get an analytics dashboard that can give you the big picture of your recruiting campaigns. Integrating your applicant tracking system (ATS) and CRM is also a breeze.

And here’s one of the feature I think useful: You can get employee referrals from candidates’ social networks.

Behind the scene

Founded in 2010, JIBE is headquartered in the New York City, with branch offices in Washington, D.C. and Oakland, California.

JIBE is founded by Joe Essenfeld, who also assumes role as CEO. Before JIBE, he was Insomnia Cookies’ COO. He is an expert in employee recruitment and has strong experience in food and beverage industry.

Mike Pauletich is JIBE SVP, Alliances and Business Development. He has 20 years of experience in talent management, and started a recruitment media agency, eQuest Media.

Andrzej Lawn, VP of Technology, has strong experience in software developing and engineering.

Suzanne Flynn Speece assumes the role of VP of Marketing. Prior to JIBE, Suzanne is site director. Suzanne is also a Wall Street alumnus, working for a couple of big companies as retail and consumer analyst.

Boris Kozak is JIBE Director of Engineering, leading the client integrations and engineering team in JIBE’s Washington D.C. office. He has strong experience in software development, including an involvement in Homeland Defense web app development.

JIBE’s future

The trends are there: According to the results on mobile recruiting survey conducted by Potentialpark Communications on over 30,000 job seekers worldwide, including the analysis on mobile career presence of over 350 top employers worldwide, 57 percent of job seekers want the ability to apply for jobs via their mobile phones.

And that trend is 2011’s, meaning the figure today will show strong tendencies toward mobile recruiting.

Big companies have trusted their mobile recruiting to JIBE: Other than Walmart, Macy’s, Accenture, AT&T and many big names have inked the agreement. Will you join them?

Company Information

Headquarter: 26 West 17th Street Suite 503, New York, NY, 10011, USA
Branch offices: Washington, D.C. and Oakland, California.
Phone: 212-380-1771