BeesApps can help you manage your time, prioritize your work, and help you identify what MUST be done, instead of doing what SHOULD NOT be done. Why BeesApps is the startup to follow?

Entrepreneurs are some of the busiest people on earth – often, they are working longer hours than their staffs; they take no vacation; they often do more than they should. Their business… is their life.

But there’s something wrong in the equation: There in fact no life in their days!

Fortunately, there is a way for entrepreneurs – not to be more productive, but to be able to manage their time better, adopting Pareto’s 80/20 rule: Discarding 80 percent of activities that only yield 20 percent of results.

With that driving factor, French tech startup BeesApps develops a product called Beesy that can help with that. Please bear in mind – BeesApps is not an app factory; it is an app developer that will continue to update the app based on users’ feedback.

What is Beesy?

With the ever expanding world of mobile technology, managing your time can be done easier than ever. One of the apps that can help you manage your time better so you can free up hours of the day to let you do whatever you want other than running your business: Beesy.

Beesy, one of the top 200 productivity apps in the US (top 10 in France), is the brainchild of BeesApps; it’s an mobile app that lets you take notes from which you can analyze to help you manage projects, tasks and people – all done from a single dashboard.

Since its launch date, new features have been added to the app: HD screen for the iPad 3, export and sharing on Evernote, audio recording, integration of pictures, ergonomic improvements, the PIN protection, and more to come.

Beesy has also been internationalized, now available in various languages: English, French, Spanish, German and more – Chinese, Japanese, Italian, etc.

For iPad business users, Beesy offers the following time-saving benefits:

  1. Fast and smart note taking during meetings, automatically suggest actions to help you understand people and projects better.
  2. Post-meeting, Beesy can help you generate meeting minutes and to-do lists from your notes.
  3. Easily follow up tasks and projects via easy to use task management and people review.

To learn more about Beesy, check this video out:

You can purchase the app from the App Store:

The team under the hood

Headquartered in Villennes Sur Seine, France, BeesApps is run by a team that is passionate about managing your most valuable asset: Time.

David Chevenement and Christopher Mesquita co-founded BeesApps back in November 2011. David has been working in various management positions, while Christopher is an expert in web communication and services.

Contact Information

Head office: 86, rue Michel Giraux, 78670 Villennes Sur Seine, France
Phone: +33 6 89 38 78 09