London-based tech startup EDITD serves a niche that was previously-untouched when it comes to data-driven decision making: The fashion world.

As we all know, the fashion world relies on experts analysis on what should be a trend in the future. While those experts are authorities in the fashion arena, retailers, suppliers and any other fashion businesses need something they can “touch” in order to predict trends better, in such a way that they can minimize unsuccessful fashion products that are typically resulting in loss-making lines of fashion via discounts and clearance sale.

Something fashion, luxury and apparel people can “touch” in order to decide what will be a hit in the future is fashion data. EDITD comes like a knight in shining armor, giving what fashion people badly need: Market intelligence and competitive benchmarking tool that can help them identify and act on trends in an instant – and make decisions based on what they see, rather than on opinion and intuition.

EDITD forecast trends by analyzing big data – in the cloud

Cloud-based EDITD processes huge amount of data (called big data) from various sources: Social media, trade events, runway reports, comparison shopping, virtual merchandising and so on. The processed big data then presented in a report from which fashion decision makers can view, analyze and take action based on what they see.

You can use EDITD to inspire and make your visions happen – all based on factual data. Your intuition, combined with facts in the industry, will result in more accepted fashion design, luxury items and apparels by your target market – eventually affecting your bottom line, somehow.

To learn more on what EDITD is working on, check out their fashion reports.

The founders of EDITD

The startup warriors are these two visionary people: Geoff Watts, a big data analysis expert, and Julia Fowler, a former fashion designer.

Both Geoff and Julia co-founded EDITD in 2009. Headquartered in London, the co-founders are working hard to develop the cutting edge service that is potentially changing how fashion trends are predicted.

EDITD were born out of Julia’s frustration with the way decision making is done in the fashion industry: Opinion-driven and intuition-based, the decisions often result in plenty of mistakes, discounts and disposals. To pursue her vision, Julia Fowler contacted Geoff Watts, an expert in big data analysis – even before the term “big data” is introduced a few moments ago.

Contact information

EDITD – Stylescape Ltd.
Head office: Level 2, 32 – 35 Featherstone St, London EC1Y 8QX, United Kingdom
Phone: US: +1 (866) 450-1549 – UK: 0800 955 1785
Twitter: @EDITD