Sydney, Australia-based tech startup Verify1st lets people to check on the trustworthiness of particular e-commerce sites, blogs and any other type of websites. There are currently more than 200 millions of domains have been mapped so far – and counting.

We all know that trust is an expensive commodity online – there are too many scams coming your way and the scammers keep on lurking behind your back, ready to profit – literally – whenever you stumble. Despite the healthy growth of online business, security and trust remain the top two concerns for people who do transaction online.

SSL and identity verification solutions are the typical solution to those problems. SSL solutions can hack-proof your site, while trust check can let your visitors know that your business website is a trusted one via various verification methods, such as address verification, phone verification and such. They are offering badges for website owners to display on-site, as well as letting visitors check the validity by themselves.

SSL and trust badges are proven to improve trust and conversion on online businesses displaying them. However, they are luxuries to many bootstrappers; they are expensive. They are available on subscription-based, and a SSL and trust mark can cost you hundreds of dollar a year. Standalone trust badges without SSL protection are also available in the market, but they, too, cost quite aplenty for many website owners.

That gap in the market is what Verify1st is trying to fill: Offering website reputation and identity check with strong accuracy (93%) – for free.

What is Verify1st?

Verify1st is Sydney, Australia-based tech startup offering free website reputation and identity check, online.

Founded in November 2011, Verify1st uses their proprietary technology to verify more than 200 millions websites. The number is keep adding up quickly.

Verify1st verifies a website by gathering identity and reputation data from 3,000 sources, and use the data to uncover relationships among websites. The analysis report is presented in a page containing relationship information between related sites, typically owned and/or managed by the same person or business entity.

How it works?

When you check the reputation of business website, say, Site A, Verify1st can give you insights on how Site A is related to Site B and C. So, when Site B has bad reputation online, it’s logical for visitors not to trust Site A.

With that being said, it’s not likely to be possible for a scammer to hide his trace by taking down a website and start over a new one with the same scamming intention. The thousands of sources will feed Verify1st system with other “reputation footprints”, making it really difficult for a scammer to hide under the radar – unless, of course, a scammer spends a fortune to change web hosting, domain registrar, and so on to cover the traces, which is not likely to happen.

Meet the founders

Verify1st was co-founded by Katrina McKinnon and Luke Metcalfe.

Katrina McKinnon, assuming role as Community Service and Business Development, is an expert in web project management, web development outsourcing and online marketing, with a focus on eCommerce and community development.

Luke Metcalfe, assuming role as Development Team Leader and Business Development, is an expert in large scale web mining. He has experience in various data projects, such as corporate spam filters and stock market prediction algorithms.

Contact information

Head office: Sydney, Australia
Phone: +61 2 415 927 913
Twitter: @Verify1stCom
Facebook: verify1st